9-stage noise reduction & 5-stage filtration—unveiling the Mantolo technologies of Redroad V17 stick vacuum cleaner



Redroad V17  has made a splash in the vacuum cleaner market for low noise and surgically clean filtration since its debut.

Redroad has emerged fast in the global smart home appliance market, especially in Japan, the ‘land of home appliances’. Such success was made with the relentless efforts of the Mantolo team, the tech squad of Redroad.


At the center of the Mantolo team are 12 experts from different sections of the whole industry chain, including industrial design, R&D, supply and marketing chain integration, production, quality control, marketing… Working close and efficient together, the team has rolled out one hot-seller after another.


The flagship vac Redroad V17, for example, has the best of Mantolo noise reduction and filtration technologies. It is a soft-speaking and health-protecting deep clean mate that the team offers customers around the world.


  • stage noise reduction, cleaning without roaring

The vacuum cleaner is by stereotype a noisy machine that easily agitates the whole family. And vacuum cleaner engineers across the world have been struggling to tackle this problem. Redroad is a leading force in this area, known for the Mantolo 9-stage noise reduction. This noise control system includes:


  1. Brushless motor, reducing friction-induced noise
  2. Mantolo polymer cotton, absorbing high pitch sound waves
  3. Optimized top outlet design, reducing wind noise
  4. Magnetic levitation motor, reducing resonance-induced noise
  5. Optimized re-flow duct, lowering high pitch noise
  6. Seamless assembly, reducing vibration-induced noise
  7. High pitch motor sound wave modification, altering it to outside human hearing range
  8. Dynamic rotor noise reduction
  9. Ring-shape outflow duct design


As a result, the noise level of V17 is kept at 60dB. Finally, you can have a clean house without the price of noise pollution.


  • stage filtration, maintaining surging suction and surgically clean outflowing air


The vacuum cleaner collects waste by accelerating the airflow with a high vacuum pressure, and the air will circulate back into the room eventually. If the outflowing air contains waste particles, it will cause what we call secondary pollution. The Mantolo 3.0 filtration system of Redroad V17 takes 5 steps to trap waste of varied sizes: dust cup cyclone, 0.5mm-hole 304 stainless steel filter, 12-cone cyclonic separation, motor inlet H12 HEPA, and outlet H13 HEPA with activated charcoal.


The eventual outflowing air is surgically clean and smell-free. The filtration system can capture 99.97% of fine particles small as 0.1 microns: dust mites, molds, pollen, and pet dander that often trigger rhinitis and asthma. With Redroad V17, you no longer have to worry about the secondary pollution of vacuum exhaust.


The dust cup and filters of Redroad V17 are easy to detach. So you can take off the HEPA filters and clean them regularly to prevent bacteria from growing.

New brand and new tech for new cleaning needs—Redroad Mantolo team is shaping a low-noise, low-pollution, but highly customized way of cleaning.



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