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Antarctica luxury travel company White Desert has announced details of its second camp, “Wolf’s Fang”, which launches in November. Situated amongst pillars of rock rising 1,000m vertically from the icecap, the camp derives its name from an iconic mountain peak that dominates the skyline. Visible from more than 100km away on cloudless days, Wolf’s Fang mountain was first seen by a flying expedition funded by the Nazi Government in the late 1930s. Since that day, the area has largely been closed to tourists with only Norwegian scientists and a handful of elite alpinists braving the summits.

White Desert’s latest camp will feature six state-of-the-art sleeping tents that are individually heated and designed for two guests each. Prices for trips staying at Wolf’s Fang start from $45,000 (£32,586) and the first trip departs on 28 November 2021. The Early Emperors (six-day) package starts from $52,000 (£37,645) or the Emperors & South Pole (eight-day) package from $83,000 (£60,087). White Desert also offers a “greatest day” trip for $14,500 (£10,485).

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