Pawna Lake | Best Destination For Camping Near Mumbai

Pawna Lake is a one of a kind camping spot near Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai, and Pune. Camping is the most fun way to spend the weekend with friends, family, and college groups. Hurry and reserve your seats for one of the most unique experiences you could have. Because of the friendly staff, delicious food and barbeque, live music, clean tents, couple friendly, and clean toilets, Pawna Lake camping reviews are the best of any campsite.  Usually group discounts and corporate camping arrangements are available for Pawna Lake camping reservations.The peaceful atmosphere and stunning sunset views are what make this location unique and serene for camping. It’s pure bliss to sit by the lake with your friends and just create memories to cherish. There is no other feeling like camping at Pawna Lake in the middle of nature. Taking a break in nature’s lap, away from the hustle and bustle of city life, is the most enjoyable thing you can do in life. In the camp, you can participate in a variety of activities. Aside from sightseeing, you can go canoeing, boating, and participate in other activities. If you enjoy camping and other outdoor activities, you should for sure go with your friends and family. At night, camping near Pawna Lake is the best experience you can ever have.

Best Time To Visit Pawna Lake

Pawna Lake is a serene lake in Maharashtra. Though you can visit the lake at any time of year, the best months to visit are January, May and October to December. During this time of year, the weather in the state is ideal for a trip to the lake as you will find this place in all its glory, and the weather will not at all hinder your experience of taking in the beauty of the surroundings. If you visit the lake at the beginning of the year, you will be able to wake up to a beautiful sunrise and plan your day accordingly. And if you go in December, you will enjoy cool breezes that will make your stay in the camps more and more enjoyable.

How To Reach Pawna Lake

Pawna Lake is located 20 kilometres from Lonavala. This camper’s paradise is easily accessible from Mumbai.

Leaving from Mumbai

Those travelling from Mumbai will need to travel approximately 118.4 kilometres to reach the lake.

By road: If you take the road, you will arrive at your destination in about 2 hours 41 minutes.

From Mumbai, there are two options.

You can take the 122-kilometer Kamshet route or the 108-kilometer Dudhiware Khind route.

By train: If driving is not an option, you can always take a comfortable and inexpensive train ride. You must first board a train from Mumbai station to get to your destination. You will disembark in Lonavala and take a private jeep to the final destination. The distance from Mumbai to Lonavala is approximately 100 kilometres, and the distance from Lonavala to Pawna Lake is approximately 30 kilometres. The good news is that trains run every 45 to 60 minutes. It is preferable to take a shared jeep ride to save money. A one-way trip costs around Rs 2000 and can accommodate up to ten people.

By bus: There are several private buses that run from Mumbai to Lonavala. Once you arrive in Lonavala, you must book a private taxi ride for the remainder of your journey.

Things to carry

  • Face mask or shield
  • Sanitizer
  • Torch with extra batteries
  • Extra pair of clothes & towel
  • Warm clothing (during winter)
  • Personal medicines (if any)
  • Mosquito repellent cream
  • Sun cap and sunscreen

Things to remember when camping at Pawna Lake

  1. If you are travelling from Mumbai, avoid taking the long route, which is the Kamshet route.

The Dudhiware Khind route is the shortest from Mumbai.

  1. Bring a pair of swimming trunks.

It will be required if you go swimming.

  1. Do not participate in watersports if you are afraid of water.

Because the lake is deep, you will not be safe in it.

  1. To have the best experience, book with the best operator in the lake area.

The cost of camping at Pawna Lake starts at INR 800.

  1. Don’t forget to bring your camping essentials, such as a torchlight, first aid kit, camera, and so on.
  2. When travelling to your destination, wear loose and comfortable clothing.

Pawna Lake Camping Benefits.

The flawless existence of God-created nature will compel you to capture the true beauty of the place every time. Nature’s love can be felt radiating from the photographs, which will undoubtedly serve as souvenirs to be given to your loved ones. You truly live and cherish every moment of the place from dusk to dawn. The sunrise at this location is spectacular, and you will be able to appreciate nature’s true beauty at its best and striking colours. The cold winds of dawn will fill the hearts with joy and the true human spirit. This location has been known for producing some of the best photographs.

Pawna Lake Camping level of difficulty.

We can be confident that the levels of difficulty at Pawna Lake are very low. To get there, we can use the best transportation services available in all modes. The camping options available are alert and cautious. And swimmers are not permitted to enter Pawna Lake as Pawna Lake’s water is too deep. Camping teams also provide water-resistant tents during rains. You can also participate in a variety of activities that will make your camping experience, a cherishable memory, such as archery, rifle shooting, kayaking, motor boat rides, and pedal boating. Camping is provided in various ways for bachelors, couples, families, friends, and so on.

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