Tinnie of the week: Mismatch Brewing Co. Pale Ale does the basics right

Our resident beer writer (best job in the world, right?!) has sipped his way through everything from Emu Export to Barrel-Aged Imperial Porters.

Trying out this week’s sip, Simon Collins gives his verdict on the Tinnie of the Week and whether it’s worth cracking one with a mate.


Mismatch Brewing Co. Pale Ale


The Adelaide Hills, where Mismatch have a 35-hectolitre brewhouse in a facility shared with a veritable supergroup of beverage businesses, namely Hills Cider, Adelaide Hills Distillery and Ashton Valley Fresh.

Online beer boffins The Crafty Pint described the Adelaide Hills Group at Lot 100, Hay Valley as like the Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young of booze and juice. I guess, that makes Neil Young the fruit squeezer of the quartet.

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The three alcohol companies have literally just been acquired by Mighty Craft, joining a portfolio that includes Ballistic Brewing, Sauce Brewing, Sparkke Beverages and Jetty Road Brewery. Like Two Birds at Fermentum and Gage Roads at Good Drinks, Mismatch should retain their independence as part of a family of brands.

Before heading for the Hills, Mismatch started out eight years ago contract brewing with the likes of Big Shed and Hawkers, unveiling Archie’s Red Ale and a four per cent Session Ale.

Today their core range has added a Munich-inspired lager and this American-style pale ale, which was named Champion Pale at the Independent Beer Awards in 2019 — the same year Mismatch was named Champion Independent Brewery.

Mismatch also had an India Pale Ale, a brilliant hop and citrus bomb exploding at 7.5 per cent, on their regular roster before it was dropped.

We hear rumours that it may return, but we’ll continue to complain until it does.


In a winter chock-full of chocolate-laden, barrel-aged imperial stouts and porters, Mismatch’s Pale Ale is almost a palate cleanser. A hand gently, yet firmly, hitting the reset button on your taste buds.

Hops from New Zealand, Germany and the US are used in a single infusion on a generous yet dry malt backbone. The five hops flourish at different times of the year, so the beer subtly changes with the seasons as a different variety gets permission to shine.

The tinnie poured golden and was a hop-forward, easy-drinking pale ale with noticeable malt flavours sliding into a fruity finish.

This sits smack bang on a sensible 5 per cent and a surprisingly bitter 45 IBU, but is an unfussy and well balanced beer.


Not a bad six-pack to slip into the esky at a party. Even some craft-averse types will have to admit Mismatch is a good fit for most beer drinkers. Just make sure they’re not switching your Pale Ale for a Corona.


Pale Ale goes for $5 a 375ml can or $25 a six-pack, a good match for most beer budgets.


3.5 tins out of 5. Sometimes you just want to keep things simple.

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