Top 10 foods you must try in a destination

Travel is an activity that is liked by almost every individual. However, traveling with keeping in mind your well being is somewhat worrisome. Many folks lose weight or get ill during excursions because they consume unhygienic and unsafe food. Eating healthy while traveling is the most important factor.

If the journey impacts your health, then it will lead you towards a worse experience. Hence, retaining some healthy food options before going sightseeing is a must. This content will assist you with a variety of food items that you consume during traveling and make yourself fit and healthy all the way long.

So, go through the following steps to elaborate further about the foods in a destination:

  1. Sushi

It is the most adorable and eatable food item around the world. Sushi is made with fish and rice. The fish is full of omega-3 fatty acids, which is a good source of the energy. It will not make you vulnerable during traveling as well. Sushi has no added fats, so it is low in calories. It is good news for weight-conscious people. You will not compromise your health by consuming it. Moreover, eating healthy while traveling is the best fit here.

  1. Savories and Snacks

These are another category for eating healthy while traveling. The fats, nuts, and seeds are indulging in snacks and savories. They are protein-rich and have healthy fats. These will retain your stomach full for a longer time, along with the health benefit. You may order these online at discounted rates. A large chunk of its variety is available at Extended Stay America Promo Codes. Whereas corn, tortilla, and veggie chips, avocado, and crackers are some of its examples.

  1. Tofu

Bean curd is another term for Tofu. It is made from soy milk coagulation and pressing, which results in solid white soften blocks of curd. It gives your mouth a silky texture taste. Tofu is fiber-rich. It is beneficial for your colon, memory, and brain. Consuming it during travel will be advantageous for your health at large.

  1. Smoothies

Raw fruit or vegetable is pureed in a blender to make a smoothie. It is delicious as well as healthy. Utilizing it in the morning has an excess add-on. These smoothies are fulfilled with vitamins, minerals, and many more health advantages. You must utilize these smoothies to eat healthy while traveling. Hence, enjoy a healthy excursion ahead.

  1. Spicy Foods

Spicy foods have health benefits too. However, you should be careful if you are suffering from stomach or intestine ailments. These are not responsible for ulcers if you are fit and fine. These foods assist you in improved metabolism, bacteria-killing, strong heart, and dearth of fatalities as per recent research. The suicide wings, kimchi, jerk chicken, otak-otak, spicy tuna rolls, and spicy pickles are examples of eating healthy while traveling.

  1. Rice Dishes

You possibly heard and read many times that rice is unhealthy. Whereas the fact is different, these are rich in minerals sources like calcium and iron. Moreover, rice is also fulfilled with niacin, vitamin D, thiamine, fiber, and riboflavin vitamins. These are easily digestible and have low fatty acids and good cholesterol. It is good for your heart too.

There are many popular dishes around the world of rice from which vegetable fried rice, mandi, backed lamb and rice with yogurt, three layered rice, zucchini flowers stuffed with herb and rice, and steamed saffron rice (Chelo) are some examples.

  1. Salads

A variety of salads are present worldwide. It is easily accessible along with immense health benefits. The green, fruit, rice and pasta, bound, and various other healthy items are added in salads. Fattoush, Chicken salad, Olivier salad, Tabbouleh, American corn salad, and beetroot salad are famous salads around the world. These provide natural fiber sources, build strong bones, improve muscle performance, and many more advantages. Hence, opt for this food while traveling to keep yourself hale and hearty.

  1. Eggs

Eggs are also protein-rich and are important sources of energy like selenium, vitamin D, B6, B12, and minerals such as zinc, iron, and copper. However, egg yolks contain more energy and benefits. From boiled to fried and either cooked and raw form, it is full of health benefits and taste. Egg salad sandwich, shakshuka, egg curry, egg souffle, breakfast burritos, and smoked salmon scramble are some famous egg dishes. Eating healthy while traveling is an intellectual option.

  1. Soups

Soups are liquid, which are healthy and energy-rich when amalgamated with vegetables, mushrooms, herbs, and meats. Several soups are present there. You may opt for vegetables, seafood, noodle, meat, stew soup. It keeps you hydrated and boosts your immune system. Soups have remained an antidote since ancient times. It is the best remedy to cure a cold and flu. You must prefer soup if you want yourself healthy during the excursion.

  1. Pasta

These also contribute health benefits to you. Whole-grain pasta has jam-packed energy. In traveling, your normal body sugar level conceivably drops, choose pasta to avoid such type of condition. Pastas include spaghetti, penne, lasagna, macaroni, and fettucine.

They have sustained energy of glucose, which is advantageous to your health. These have low sodium, folic acid and are cholesterol-free. It provides you complete nutrition if the right amount of meat, vegetables, and herbs are added to it.


To conclude, traveling is fun along with a stressful process. It is worrying in a sense that if you skip eating healthy, then you may get unwell and unhealthy, vulnerable, and cannot enjoy excursions accurately. Hence, it is essential to look and go for healthy and nutritious meals during your travel. The topmost foods are offered here, which will acknowledge you about them and their health benefits. You must choose these above foods to have a healthy and memorable expedition.

So, plan your trip, ready your luggage, eat from these food items, and have a healthy journey ahead.



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