UK startup launches ‘world’s most intelligent’ e-scooter

British startup Hilo — co-founded by Andy Palmer, often referred to as the ‘godfather’ of EVs — has launched a new e-scooter crammed with high-tech safety features, in a bid to tackle the sector’s poor safety rep. 

The e-scooter, dubbed Hilo One, is equipped with the same kind of collision warning tech found in cars. Using computer vision AI, the e-scooter alerts the riders of impending dangers through visual, audible, and sensory feedback in the handlebars. 

“E-scooters have faced challenges with safety and public perception,” said Palmer, who helped supercharge EV adoption in the UK during his time as COO at Nissan, and later, as CEO at Aston Martin. “The Hilo One is an e-scooter that addresses these concerns head-on.”